Activity in Rishikesh

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Activities in rishikesh – there are countless adventure activities in rishikesh. every single adventure activity in rishikesh will give you a memorable or a lifetime experience. doesn’t matter you are a student, newlywed, solo traveler, bachelor. if you are there with family vacation these adventure activities and sport will thrill you.

List of adventure activities in rishikesh india- Here is the list of most popular adventure activities in rishikesh.

Location: Rishikesh,Byasi

Price Range: ₹499 TO ₹3550 per person

River Rafting IN Rishikesh₹ 499
Kayaking In Rishikesh₹3200
Rafting+Camping₹ 1800
Zipline over the Ganga+ riverRafting₹2400
Camping+Rafting+Zipline₹ 3600
Camping +Kayaking+Rafting₹ 5500
Bungee Jumping+rafing+Camping₹ 6000
Camping+1 day Kayaking Course₹ 4500
Camping+ 3dayss Kayaking Course₹ 14000

River Rafting in Rishikesh

River rafting or white water rafting is the most adventure activity in rishikesh. most of visitors come to rishikesh only to enjoy this thrilling  water activity.

  • Rafting Price in Rshikesh is 800 rs. per Person.
  •  But it is not particular Rs. of river rafting.
River rafting in rishikesh

River rafting price depends up on the stretch distance. number  of people and rafting grade. we have given here cost of rafting activities according to their stretch

  • 16km river rafting – Shivpuri to him beach  Rs1000 per person.
  • 10Km River Rafting – Marine drive to shivpuri Rs600 per person.
  • 26Km River Rafting – Brahmpuri in rishikesh Rs600.
kayaking in rishikesh

Kayaking in The Ganga River

Kayaking in The Ganga River- Rishikesh is one of the best location for kayaking in india it’s popular adventure sport on the river.  there are lot’s of kayaking festivel city. price: 3700 per person per day.

  • Price 3700 per person.
  • Location Shivpuri, Rishikesh.
  • Duration 2, 3, 7, 15, 28, days.


camping in rishikesh

Camps are most loved option for traveler. when you are planing to stay in rishikesh many categories of  campsite  are available in rishikesh some of them are 

  1. Luxury Camping in Rishikesh.
  2.  Beach Camping in Rishikesh 
  3. Riverside Camping in Rishikesh

These all  things are in this camping package- meal, evening snacks, morning evening tea, bonfire, nigh music, camping activity. you can enjoy river rafting and many other adventure sports with camping  activity.

  1.  camping price in rishikesh stants form and goes up 
  2. Rs per person for 1 night stay included food.
Zipline in rishikesh

Zipline in Rishikesh

Zipline Over The Ganga River- This activity operated over the ganga river in a small village shivpuri. this activity not only shows a view of the ganga river but also boost your courage. 

Below are some details about this fantastic activity-

  1.  Zipline height- 70 meters.
  2. zipline distance- 750 meters.
  3. price – 1800 per person.
  4. Age – minimum 12 years.
body surfing

Body surfing

 Body Surfing – In this activity you float over the river with the help of life jackets body surfing is a part of river rafting. there is no extra price for this and it is included in the rafting package.

Heavy weight and alcohol is prohibited and physical fitness is required. if you want to experience this activity with camping and rafting in rishikesh then contact our team for the best package.


rope course

Rope Course

Rope course:10+activities in rishikesh. the rope course activity in rishikesh comes with three level of activities difficulties  stages level 1 level 2 level 3 the rope course is perfect adventure activity and for balancing skills  in this rope course activity you have to  climb walk and balance on specially designed rope in the air. 

cliff jumping

Cliff Jumping IN Rishikesh

Cliff jumping IN Rishikesh- cliff jumping is one of the  famous activity and rishikesh is the well famous  destination for this. for a day adventure cliff jumping  is best thing to do in rishikesh. it’s sure you will do it again and again you get several opportunities to jump off a cliff the activity place called cliff jumping –

Bungee jumping

Bungee Jumping in Rishikesh

 Bungee jumping in Rishikesh- In rishikesh is an extremely popular activity. you will be jumping at a height of almost 33 meters and as you come down you will catch stunning sights of valley the cost of bungee jumping in rishikesh is 3500  per person.  this activity is designed by experts.

river bungee

Reverside Bungee Rishikesh

Reverse Bungee Rishikesh : it is just opposite of bungee jumping this is one of the thriller activity in Rishikesh. in this activity you will be thrown  180 feet in the air and speed of up to 200 km hour. in both clock wise and anti clock wise direction. you will through the gravitational force in this adventure sport. reverse bungee is for you, are looking fun in Rishikesh.


Pendulum Giant String in Rishikesh

 Pendulum  giant string  in Rishikesh- the best thing about this activity that it can be done by two people. giant string in Rishikesh is a perfect adventure sport for people. muster up your courage and get ready for this excited activity. 

sky cycle

Sky cycle In Rishikesh

Sky Cycle – is a recently added adventure activity in Rishikesh. this is another adventure activity in Rishikesh. to arrival at the starting pair sky cycle, helmet, and other safety equipment provided you. this activity is perfomed with professional and experienced instructor.

Activity in rishikesh

Yoga in Rishikesh

Yoga in Rishikesh- you can enjoy yoga classes in yoga centers. rishikesh is the perfect destination for yoga rishikesh is well known for it,s spirituality and. apart from the daily yoga classes. you can also take past in professional yoga courses yoga teachs training in rishikesh

GO karting

GO Karting in Rishikesh

Is perfect fit for you. if you are  lover of speed one of the most thrilling experience in rishikesh is go karting experience

Flying Fox In Rishikesh

 This activity is normally done by 3 people and you can do is solo to it is designed by experts from new zealand  it operated at the outskirt of rishikeshin the small village 

Superman Shot in Rishikesh

Superman shot is allo available in rishikesh wholove to be high up in the sky. this activity can be done by famlies to gether. this activity

offer you beautiful views.


Trekking & HIking in Rishikesh

Many  tourist desire to enjoy trekking and hikking im rishikesh. hikking trips organoed by tour opratour or you can go there by. your self also. these hiking and trekking trips gives you breathtaking of the himaleyon mountains. we are giving you below some best places for trekking and hiking rishikesh 

1> waterfall trekking 

2>vasisith gufa 

3>village trek

4>Kunjapuri devi temple trek.

Poinball IN RIshikesh

Pointball is a team shooting sport in rishikesh this adventure is a perfect activity. people of all ages can. participate to ge— it is played on a wide field so that your opponent

Tree climbing

Tree Climbing

 It is great way to combine exercise. education and the outdoor. tree climbing is fast growing outdoor that is challenging and relaxing

FAQ,s About Activity in Rishikesh

Which Are The Best Activities in Rishikesh Under Rs. 1000

Some best adventure activities in rishikesh can be enjoyed under Rs. 1000- camping in rishikesh, Rafting in rishikesh

1- Rope course

2-Water zorbing

3-Sky cycle

What Are The Best Rafting Package in Rishikesh

From shivpuri to rishikesh, 16 km rafting with body surfing and cliff jumping- price Rs 800 to 1000 per person.

From marine drive to shivpuri,10 km rafting- price 600 per person

What Should i Wear During Rafting in Rishikesh?

 Cotton t-shirt, Shorts any comfortable clothes you should wear.rafting operators will provide you life jackets & helmet.

What is The Best Place For Adventure in rishikesh?

Shivpuri is the best place for adventure in rishikesh. you can enjoy and experience here lot’s of fun activities such as camping, rope course, reverse bungee, kayaking, rock climbing.

What Are The Best Things To Do in Rishikesh in Winter Season?

If you want to travel in rishikesh you can enjoy bonfire, rope course, bungee jumping, zipline,  and rock climbing. these all are some excited activity. you can also take part in maa ganga aarti in the evening in triveni ghat.

Is One Day Enough To Enjoy All Activities in Rishikesh?

No, one day is not enough to enjoy all activities. at least minimum 2 days we need to enjoy that all activities.

Is Here Any Discount For Booking?

There are lot’s of activity you can get discount. this discount is available on group too.