kayaking in rishikesh

Kayaking in Rishikesh

Kayaking in Rishikesh

kayaking in rishikesh

Kayaking in Rishikesh Needless to say that most favored rafting point is rishikesh. most populated city in the state of uttarakhand. it is known as the philgrimage town.

The visitors come from far and wide to see rishikesh’s natural beauty. the beautiful beauty of the river ganga flows in rishikesh only becomes visible. for adventure lovers best thing to do in rishikesh is river rafting.

River Rafting in rishikesh is the most popular activity makes you feel thrill and energetic. for rafting lovers rishikesh is always a hot destination. rafting trip is unforgettable adventure in rishikesh.

A narrow boat with a point at each end moved with a single paddle. kayak word has come from danish word first it was appeared in english in 1757. this is popular activity on river and sport too.

Rishikesh is best place for kayak it improves our fitness and flexibility. it has become super popular now. here are more reasons to take it up.

Kayaking in Rishikesh it is a Best Activity  To relief your stress and to boost your energy power. it gives you mental benefits. therefore it is called best exercise and rishikesh is one of the best place for kayaking.

Kayaking in Rishikesh Package Details

3200 Per Person Per Day


duration: 2 Hours in a day

minimum: age 15

Maximum Weight:95kg

Timing: 10am to 12pm

“kayak” speed depends on the length you can plan your trip in rishikesh to enjoy it. kayak activity can make your life memorable not only your day. visiting with friends and enjoying this activity in rishikesh would be on the cake” for you. several type of kayak you can get from market it is necessary to know about the category of kayaks.

modular kayaks- modular kayaks are much easier to transport. it stores less space at home. if you are gonna buy this you must be wondering how these kayaks work. before buying this you should definitely check some point out.

first one is weigh capacity. it is one of the most important point. second one is breaking down point. so simply mean is that you will need to be comfortable store a kayak.

tandem kayak-it is around 18 to 24 feet long so it’s called double kayak. it is broader than solo kayak tandem is more stable. some allow here one passenger and another one to paddle it is mainly designed for two people. it is great option for your family. it is a type of boat fit for two people. it is great activity for whole family even for the kids.

fishing kayak- specially designed kayak for fishing. it has fishing rod is fixed at a particular position. these kayaks are narrow and fish are often found in narrow waterways. it is allowed to move through narrow passage.for extra safety hand pumps and air valves are also provided. it has gained popularity fishing kayaks are longer than other kayak. some fishing kayaks has bells you can not get on any other type of kayak

touring kayaks-it is developed for sport. it is long narrow and less stable than others. touring kayaks models help to steer the boat. some are designed for one paddler and some for two paddler.

two paddler touring kayaks are longer than single. spray skirt is also used in a touring kayak. spray skirt prevent water from entering the cockpit. it is also known as a sea kayak. it is a small personal water craft. touring kayak has extra length. it is easier to go in a straight line.

recreational kayak- recreational kayaks are easy to steer and less than 12 feet. it is best to use on flat water. it is shorter than touring kayaks. you will be more comfortable with it. if you are planning out with kayak.

recreational kayaks are designed to use in calm water so you will have to struggle with wave and it’s quite difficult to paddle for long. it is designed for short trip. it has portable seating system.

it is a kayak designed for entertainment and for fun. in short we can say recreational kayak has short length and this short length makes it easy to turn.

Include in Kayaking Course

 first aid kit

required rescue

safety support and all equipment required for kayaking

kayak, wet suit, helmet, paddle

certified kayaking instructor services.

Exclude Package in Kayaking Course

meals are excluded

travel arrangement

illness, injury and medical related cost

expense for additional beverage

Kayaking Courses in Rishikesh

 we offer this course for paddlers from beginner to advance. we provide training in whitewater kayaking. we provide you four best kayaking courses in rishikesh

1- white water kayaking – if you are new to the water sport, this is your course. we run this course on flat water. you will learn here – how to carry kayak, balance, basic strokes. sit in the kayak.

duration: 1day

difficulty level: | 

2- beginner kayaking course- this course is designed to help you kayaking techniques. for beginner, we will prepare this class on flat or slow moving water, after it you may be able to take a kayak. you will learn here- wet exit, eskimo roll, essential white water paddling techniques, advanced stroke.

duration: 2 to 3 days 

difficulty level: ||

3– intermediate kayaking course- if you have already some experience of whitewater kayaking and you want to be more confident so intermediate kayaking course is perfect for you. we will be kayaking for 4 or 5 hours in a day on different river.

duration: 5 to 7 days

difficulty level: |||

4-advanced kayaking course- this course is designed to give you confidence. it will help you to improve your technique. for eligibility you should have some experience. to go through this course you should have paddle fitness or stamina.

difficulty level: v

Kayaking overview

overview of kayaking- kayaking is a watersport using a double bladed oar. for adventures lovers it is best activity in rishikesh. it makes us fit and flexible and makes us stressfree.


         many different type of category’s you can get here and rishikesh is best place to enjoy kayaking. many courses are available here with certified kayaking instructor. for visitors kayak activity is best in rishikesh.


F.A.Q's abpot kayaking in rishikesh-

What is the age limit to do kayaking?

The mimimum age for kayaking is 15 years. below 15 year is not allowed in this activity.

 What should we wear for kakyking?

Waterproof floaters, swimming costume or sandals, windcheater, quick drying clothes and jacket.

Can a beginner join kayaking course in rishikesh?

It doesn’t mean you are a beginner. you can choose a rapid as per your skill. we have been arranging kayaking trips in rishikesh for years.

What is the cost of kayaking in rishikesh?

The cost is only 3200 rs, per person. we provide you perfect experience instructor for safety purpose.

Can i customize this tour in rishikesh?

If you want to book camping in rishikesh with kayaking then we offer you both, group and private kayaking session.

Is any kind of meal is included in this package or not?

 You can add lunch to your package but no meals are included in this package.